Galactic Netbyte - Who Knew 28

Still piling on the reviews. This one from Dr Who TV
And even more – I think after reading all these reviews the general consensus is –It’s a great opener

We have an introduction to the series on youtube.

Some extremely spoilery stuff from the Radio Times

Interviews from Peter, Jenna and Michelle…

America gets a slightly different trailer.

Well it’s half confirmed that Matt Lucas is in the xmas episode.

Doctor Who fans will soon be able to make and share their very own video games.

Screening is over, Q+A is now taking place

Steven Moffat says he would "run like hell" if someone asked him to make a live episode of Doctor Who

Finally we have the episode titles revealed and they are..
1. The Magician's Apprentice (Steven Moffat)
2. The Witch's Familiar (Steven Moffat)
3. Under the Lake (Toby Whithouse)
4. Before The Flood (Toby Whithouse)
5. The Girl Who Died (Jamie Mathieson and Steven Moffat)
6. The Woman Who Lived (Catherine Tregenna)
7. The Zygon Invasion (Peter Harness)
8. The Zygon Inversion (Peter Harness)
9. Sleep No More ( Mark Gatiss)
10. Face The Raven (Sarah Dollard)
11. Heaven Sent (Steven Moffat)
12. Hell Bent (Steven Moffat)

And here is a synopsis of all the episodes.

just when you thought it review too many then check out a review or two for The Witches Familiar.

Episode 2 is now available to critics.. as meanwhile:

The Master through the ages.

Is Capaldi the Doctor?

And Peter poses perfectly picturing personified
And Doctorwho TV has a great gallery of georgeousness
And I have also included some random links  that may or may not be connected

Join me next week for a spoiler filled review of the The Magicians Apprentice and a synopsis of the Witches Familiar.