Galactic Netbyte - Who Knew 27

So as we are in the run up to series 9 it might be good to keep checking the BBC for the official synopsis

Where is the Doctor?

And I could get none of that synopsis from the new teaser trailer.

It would help to know everything we know in a handy guide, such as the radio times one

Weirdly it seems I may of missed a couple of monster.

Director Rachel Talalay Shares a Sneak Peek of Filming in Fuerteventura.

There's some filming pics of Capaldi from the finale

The Doctor Who Adventures has a very subtle cover – will we see the man in the chair?

Would you like to meet the S9 writers.

Christmas Rumors

And Boom a plethora of Who content in the run up to 19th September….Here goes…

Michelle Gomez wants Missy to be a regular villain on Doctor Who.

Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi and The Martian's Matt Damon will launch The Graham Norton Show's new series.

Peter Capaldi will go solo in the show's most experimental episode ever.

One year on from making his debut on Doctor Who.

Expect more laughs alongside the scares in the new series of Doctor Who.

See the Doctor battle Daleks from across the decades.

A spoiler free review.

Ten teasers.

And finally  – Captain Jack, in a Tardis Dress