Galactic Netbyte - Who Knew 25

Speaking to press including Digital Spy on set, Capaldi revealed that his terse Time Lord is looking to "have a good time" when the series returns. 

After a day of pondering what #MissionDalek is all about, the BBC has revealed that it's a chance for Doctor Who fans to make their own adventure online. 

As missiondalek completion starts there is a a nice collection of fan film edits and the like. You can check them out by searching #MissionDalek on youtube if that’s your thing J Mission Dalek was a great idea.

Check out the latest Dr Who Magazine, it is dripping, nay oozing with with delicisousness

Striking similar to Dr 5 and the Master

We are getting so close that we are getting magazine covers, like this rather splendid TV and Satellite cover. Let me know if you spot one where you are – I am talking to you America and Canada

Episode 9 could well be a POV episode.

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#490) features a preview of Series 9

This wasn’t mentioned in the netbyte but here are the first few pages of the SFX magazine….I do not condone this behaviour.
SFX Page 1
SFX Page 2
SFX Page 3 
SFX Page 4
SFX Page 5

And also some quotes from Peter, they have since been taken down.

Major Doctor Who Legacy update.

BBC America has got our fan juices flowing.

Some potential spoilers have been lifted from those wags at 4Chan. 
A snake, a plane , a paradox and Missy

Rachel Talalay posted a pic


Join the countdown at the Radio times 25 days to got at time of recording