Galactic Netbyte - Who Knew 19

This is the mini news clip that I provide for my friends at
Galactic Netcasts.

I use various sources for all the news clips, big thanks to Den of Geek, Digital Spy,  all of the Dr who sites, Wales online and many many more.

So an entire netbyte on Comic-con? Why is that then, well the cast needed a rest.

Comic con News

We have youth presenters doing annoying

Peter Capaldi will make his Comic-Con debut this year for Doctor Who's panel, alongside co-stars.

San Diego Comic-Con last night (July 8). Does this mean we call him Dr Queue

And those devils at lego are in attendance, confirming nicely that the Dr will be appearing in Lego Dimensions.

Eight points to take from the Comic-con panel.

Lego Dimensions – shut up and take my money.,

As for more interviews

Of course there is an official trailer, and I am sure you might of watched it by now. I include a link to a forum thread that discusses each clip  with a bit of speculation.  As well as a scene by scene from the BBC itself.

Maybe there is some series news after all – thanks BBC for the round up