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Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are heading to San Diego Comic-Con 2015

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Michelle Gomez on Doctor Who return: 'I had fun playing Missy again'

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Don't blink: Doctor Who's Weeping Angels appear in The Witcher 3

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Doctor Who series 9: Merlin director Justin Molotnikov to helm two-parter

Alex Kingston, Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies on River Song's future

Matt Smith "totally will" come back to Doctor Who

Where is Matt Smith

Filming news and images

The Doctor airs in India

The read through for episode 10 took place yesterday! We can’t tell you more at this stage, but will do soon

And peter has said he would very much like a classic type of companion to would eye.

From Yorkshire puddings to Tardis beef wellingtons, Cyberman bread to Weeping Angel's food cake, you could spend no end of timey wimey whipping up the recipes featured in the aptly titled Dining with The Doctor.

check out her kickstarter or rather her finished and complete