It's all about regeneration (mainly) - WNAR #95

It's officially the end of an era: Peter Capaldi is hanging up his TARDIS key at the end of Doctor Who's next series.

So with Peter leaving who wants the job? 

Ben Whishaw at 5/1 – He’s got the geeky looks, the geeky reputation and comes across as eccentric and steely strong.
Why he can’t be the doctor – He’s Q

Rory Kinnear at 6/1 – A great actor with naturally sad intense and old eyes.
Why he can’t be the Doctor – He’s never watched Doctor Who and I don’t think some of the fanbase would be ready for a thinning on top doctor.

Rupert Grint at 8/1 - Well at least Rupert is known and he is ginger
Why he Can’t be the Doctor – He looks too young and despite his huge female fanbase I just can’t see him swapping a wand for a sonic

Now in the first four names you might of noticed that they are all boys. But what about the girls.

If you're keeping score, a third major Doctor Who star is now calling on the BBC to give us the first female Doctor following Peter Capaldi's departure.

One of Doctor Who's most enduring monsters will be returning.

In all this excitement I totally forgot to mention when the show starts in the UK and presumably the same for BBC America – and that is the 15th April

A to Z

MonsterMr Magpie
Episode – The Idiots Lantern
Planet of Origin
Technology - Television

Mr. Magpie was the secondary antagonist of the Doctor Who episode "The Idiot's Lantern". He was a electronics store merchant and the unwilling accomplice of The Wire. In 1953, in the days leading up to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Magpie was visited by The Wire, who had just arrived in energy form in that time period. The Wire then lashes out at Magpie with energy, stealing his face, but then giving back to him. Magpie then begins selling televisions cheaply to everyone in the area to watch the coronation, seemingly because it is his "patriotic duty", but in reality, he doing the Wire's bidding, as the Wire plans to use the televisions to feed off of the humans' energy and regain its corporeal form, and in exchange for Magpie's help, it'd allow him to keep his face. However, Rose Tyler gets suspicious when she sees red lightning coming from the back of the television in Eddie Connolly's home. She tracks Magpie down and begins asking him why he was giving away the televisions so cheaply. Though Magpie tries to shoo Rose away, he finally cracks under all the pressure and confesses. This prompts the Wire to steal Rose's face and leave her abandoned in the street, which enrages The Tenth Doctor.