It's all a Con - WNAR #82

Monster – Heavenly Host 
Episode – Voyage of the Dammed
Planet of Origin – Max Capricorn Cruiseliners
Technology -  They could use their halo as a weapon

The Heavenly Host, or the Host, were service robots used by Max Capricorn Starcruisers. They were fashioned to look like Earth's angels. Their purpose was to provide information and other assistance to crew and passengers. However, the Heavenly Host lacked autonomy and would do anything their master authority ordered, including criminal acts such as murder.

Under the command of Max Capricorn himself, the machines turned deadly. They killed many of the passengers and crew of the Starship Titanic in 2008 as part of Capricorn's scheme to destroy his own ship and then retire a wealthy man. Several malfunctioned during the trip, leading to some rather nasty incidents: when one first-class passenger asked a Host to fix her necklace, the robot misunderstood the request and instead nearly broke her neck.

 Some of the Host were destroyed by an electromagnetic pulse set off by Bannakaffalatta, who used the last of his cyborg body's energy at the cost of his own life.