WNAR #80


A to Z

Episode – The Doctors Daughter
Planet of Origin – Messaline
Technology -  They possessed Progenation machines and generation chambers

Hath were a humanoid race with purple and orange, fish-like skin and small headcrests running along the top of their heads. They were slightly taller than most humanoids. They required nutrient liquid for breathing, which affected communication. When in a human-breathable atmosphere, they used a breathing structure attached to their mouths - They possessed Progenation machines and generation chambers like the humans with whom they had been allied. They used the machines for the same purpose as their enemies, to create new soldiers. The Hath used heavy duty blaster rifles that fired barrages of bullets and long plumes of flames from the guns' barrels. They had the same holographic mapping system as the humans, and when the Tenth Doctor uncovered a suppressed layer of information, it showed up on the Hath map as well. After a seven-day battle, the two races found the Source, an artefact that mythology told them was the breath of the Great One. The Tenth Doctor, arriving before the human or Hath armies, broke the Source and terraforming gases within escaped. The two races ended their conflict and agreed on peace after the murder of Jenny by Cobb, the leader of the human forces.