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MonsterThe Empress of the Racnoss
Episode – The Runaway Bride
Planet of Origin – Racnoss
Technology -  Star shaped space ship, Robot Santa’s

The Empress of a half-humanoid, half-arachnid race known as the Racnoss. Their race was thought to have been wiped out. The Empress attempts to re-awaken her kin sleeping in their ship at the centre of the earth. When the Racnoss Empire was destroyed by the Fledgling Empires, the last remaining Racnoss hid themselves by forming the core of what would become the planet Earth. The Empress was the only Racnoss to survive and not hibernate in the Earth's centre. Instead, she hid at the edge of the universe for billions of years until Torchwood uncovered the Secret Heart, the ship her children were in and developed Huon particles which she could use to reawaken them. The ship then sent a signal to her Webstar which drew her to Earth. The Empress met the Tenth Doctor on Christmas Day 2007, in a secret location under the Thames Flood Barrier. She was trying to awaken her long-dead race, whom she called her children, with the Huon energy implanted into the body of Donna Noble by her fiancé, Lance Bennett. Lance was originally affiliated with the Empress; however, when Donna escaped with the Doctor in the TARDIS, the Empress decided to use him instead. She force-fed him Huon particles and dropped him into the centre of the Earth, where the Racnoss spaceship was. There, the Huon particles awoke the Racnoss, who feasted on Lance.