Directors, Producers and Writers of Series Ten - WNAR #70

Steven Moffat wants it feel like a "brand new show"...

Bill Anderson – a newcomer to Doctor Who – will be helming episodes.

In other directorial news, rumours continue to float around suggesting that Peter Jackson could direct an episode of Doctor Who this year.

RealSFX has tweeted a video of the TARDIS being blown up – The tweet reads – KABOOM – We can safely say that we have the BEST job ever.

Are we getting a Dr Who film from the Writers and directors of TinTin

Doctor Who Magazine has another spectacular edition.   And this one is completely devoted to Tom Baker – the Fourth Doctor.

 Maybe get some big names to join in  at Christmas

 It’s a vortex ManiPIElator.

A to Z

Monster – The Cult of Skaro
Episode – Army of Ghosts
Planet of Origin – Skaro
Technology -  The Genesis Ark


The Cult of Skaro were assigned the task of furthering the Dalek cause through the development of new and unorthodox ideas and strategies. Dalek Sec claimed that it was created to "imagine new ways of survival". (TV: Daleks in Manhattan) Their willingness to adopt alien modes of thought was demonstrated by the fact that they had individual names, a concept most Daleks found abhorrent. Led by Sec, the Black Dalek, they answered to no one, not even the Dalek Emperor, although they still revered him. The Cult of Skaro were at first just four ordinary Daleks. Dalek Sec was a commander of the Seventh Incursion Squad sent to wipe out the remnants of the Mechanoids which they succeeded in doing. Dalek Caan was an Attack Squad Leader of the Thirteenth Assault Group. Dalek Thay was the commandant of Station Alpha, the most secret Dalek research facility. Dalek Jast was a Force Leader of the Outer Rim Defensive Battalion. After doing this all four of them were promoted to become the Cult of Skaro. They were given their names — making them some of the only Daleks with names — and Dalek Sec was chosen to be their leader.