Who New and Review - Bakers last interview

Monster – Carrionites
Episode - The Shakespeare Code, The unicorn and the wasp
Planet of Origin – Rexel 4
Technology -  quantum mnemonics.

The true form of a Carrionite resembled a giant skeletal raven or crow. They were able to assume a more humanoid form but this used a lot of energy, and so they usually had wrinkled skin, large, clawed hands, and sharp canine teeth. The Carrionite Lilith could assume the form of a beautiful young woman, a trick she used to ensnare male victims. Carrionite technology was described as witchcraft. It was actually a word-based science, as opposed to the mathematics of most species, and may be similar to quantum mnemonics. It relied on the right words and the right places, such as the Carrionite's use of Globe Theatre's structure. They also placed great importance on knowing the name of an individual to give them control.