Who New and Review #61

Monster – Blowfish
Episode - 
Kiss kiss, bang bang, The Pandorica opens, nightmare in silver, The magicians apprentice
Planet of Origin – Krop Tor
Technology -  Control of electronic coms and psychic ability to control Ood
Blowfish was a name given to a race of piscine humanoids with faces strongly resembling a blowfish They had bright red skin, large crests on their heads and tendrils and feelers around their faces. Next to the jaws were gill slits, with the sensitive gills inside. They could breathe both water and air and were revitalised with water. They had stinging, yellow sputum. Blowfish were more susceptible to electrical shocks than humans. They came to Stonehenge and helped imprison the Eleventh Doctor in the Pandorica to save the universe.