Who New and Review #56 - All About Eggs

Monster – Axons
Episode: The Claws of Axos
Planet of origin – Edge of Mutter's Spiral
Technology – innate ability to shock or disintegrate enemies

Axos was a composite creature, a scavenger entity which came to Earth, supposedly for fuel. Its real motivations were to drain all energy from Earth, with an ultimate plan to gain the secret of time travel, allowing it to feast anywhere in space and time. Axons appeared as golden humanoids with white bodies covered in gold blotches.  They could transform into large creatures that appeared as a mass of tentacles. They could lash out with their tentacles to either shock or disintegrate enemies. They could also instantly absorb victims. The Axons described their technology as having taken a more organic route, and claimed Axonite to be the source of all their growth technology. Axos also possessed some power of time travel, being able to make time jumps that could only travel moments into the past.