Galactic Netbyte - Who New and Review #50, Shut up and take my money.

Monster – Animus
Episode - The Web Planet
Origin Planet – Pre Universe Lloigor
Technology – It absorbed isocryte and could master its anti-gravitic properties to create force fields, gravity beams

The Animus is an alien intelligence from an unknown planet, resembling an octopus crossed with a spider or plan which landed on the planet Vortis, it is also known as Lloigor, and was a Great Old One from the pre-universe race known as the Lloigor. It was the only Lloigor to cross into this universe, afterwards landing on the planet Vortis. It could take over any living creature that was in contact with gold and manifested itself within an organic, self-healing palace called the Carsenome.

The First Doctor described the Animus as a creature of "almost unimaginable power" and "capable of great evil"