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The A to Z of Monsters

Monster - Abzorboloff
Episode: Love and Monsters
Home Planet – Klom
Technology -  limitation field

An obese alien creature from the planet Klom (twin planet to Slitheen homeworld). It absorbs it’s victims through touch. Although it is not clear if these abilities are present on its homeworld. The Abzorbaloff intends to consume the Doctor to gain his unrivalled knowledge.

The Abzorbaloff was the name given by both the Tenth Doctor and Elton Pope to an Abzorbalovian who disguised himself as a human under the alias Victor Kennedy. He could absorb his victims' bodies, along with their memories and consciousness’s, into himself at a simple touch. When he discovered the Doctor's picture on LINDA's website (WC: Tardisode 10), Victor recruited them to locate the Doctor with the aid of Torchwood files that he had somehow obtained.

Feigning a common interest in this mystery figure, he picked off members of LINDA one by one until he could acquire his real quarry. He planned to absorb the Doctor's memories and knowledge. He was defeated when the remnants of the absorbed members of LINDA rallied together to pull him apart from inside. When Elton Pope broke his cane, the limitation field inside it was destroyed. His absorption ability went out of control, and his body collapsed into a gooey puddle and seeped into the ground.