The Pilot - WNAR#105

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Doctor Who is back! Hurrah! Back with a 12 episode series and crucially a new companion. Heavily promoted given the impending departure of both leading man and lead writer, the show is seeking to recapture the public’s interest after a period out of the limelight. A new journey begins with ‘The Pilot’…

Sadly we know that this series is the last opportunity for Peter Capaldi to deliver his portrayal of the enigmatic Time Lord over 12 televised episodes. During his debut series, his character was that of an aloof alien in the mould of the First and Sixth Doctors. In Series 9 he regressed to the more flappy hand, trying-to-be-cool style of Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, all hoodies and sonic sunglasses. ‘The Pilot’ sees the Twelfth Doctor find a middle ground. Retaining that quirky eccentricity and distance, he is not overly sentimental as he would’ve been with Clara. His touching gift to Bill is a reaction to the present she gives him. He doesn’t make a big deal about it. The Doctor also relents to letting Bill keep the knowledge of him and invites her aboard the TARDIS. An ideal balance of alien aloofness and the approachable tutor has been found.

So Educating Rita is alive and well, the worldly professor figure and the naturally gifted Bill. Although I like Bill she almost chucked it away with the line about making the girl fat. It reeked of lazy middle aged man trying to verbalise a girl. Bill is a friendly happy person, there was no need to have that in the show.

 So as with my reviews of Class I will give the synopsis – what you mean that wasn’t the synopsis. The good bits, the bad bits. The most whoniversal bit and then my rambling musings.

The Synopsi – a girl who feels she doesn’t belong, a clever cook and a brilliant professor. The later too take a jaunt around time and space trying to work out what the puddle is. Of course the official synopsis is Two worlds collide when the Doctor meets Bill. A chance encounter with a girl with a star in her eye leads to a terrifying chase across time and space. Bill’s mind is opened to a Universe that is bigger and more exciting than she could possibly have imagined – but who is the Doctor, and what is his secret mission with Nardole on Earth? But I think mine is better

The Good Bits – truthfully I found the whole episode good, the style the lighting and 96% of the dialogue. The very best bit was Bill’s explanation of the TARDIS – ooh a knockthrough.

The Bad Bit – Bills beauty of chips line – that wasn’t OK

The whoniversal bit – it was a joy seeing all those screwdrivers in a pot.


So the episode would be a great episode for anyone that wasn’t familiar with the show, the right mix of daft and serious. A bit menacing and also a bit intriguing. Some lovely touches about the past, enough to keep most whovians happy.


Lets do news

The Oxford English Dictionary has announced that it's adding 'sonic screwdriver' to its esteemed catalogue of words in the English language.

  tantalising glimpse of the return of John Simm's The Master in a series trailer

And have we found the next doctor


A to Z

MonsterTorajii System Sun
Episode – 42
Planet of OriginTorajii

Torajii, unlike many other stars, was alive. It was capable of possessing humans, raising their temperature to hundreds of degrees and converting their oxygen into hydrogen. These possessed individuals would gain glowing eyes, which allowed them to incinerate people. The original personality would be subsumed, but Torajii could make use of the person's memories, allowing it to intelligently react to problems.

Torajii displayed a high level of intelligence instead of just acting like a wounded animal, as it was able to use the infected crew's knowledge to its own advantage and attack the ship in the most effective way. Also, when it sensed the crew were close to escape it spread the infection, allowing it to attack on two front Torajii was first encountered by humans as a living being when a cargo ship, the SS Pentallian, hurriedly took some gas from the star as fuel for an illegal fusion scoop. Unaware that they were dealing with a sentient being, the fusion scoop caused Torajii incredible pain and brought it to a maddening rage where it sought to take revenge of the ship and regain what had been stolen from it. Gas from the star travelled to the starship and possessed two members of the crew, Korwin McDonnell and Dev Ashton, who then went on to sabotage the ship and kill many crew members.


Eventually, the gas possessed the Tenth Doctor, who told the remainder of the crew the source of the problem and asked them to dump the illegal fuel into the star. Torajii then allowed them to leave. The Doctor requested that buoys be placed around Torajii so that no one would attempt to fusion scoop there, stating that as a sentient being Torajii "deserved protection