Multi-Timelord episode confirmed - #104

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This episode is might have potential spoilers – sorry

John Simm and Michelle Gomez face to face

Peter Capaldi has offered some reassurance

What could be the worst thing to happen

I’m not often jealous of America

The BBC has released a brand-new promo OHMAHGAHD!

Will Mackie will leave the series at the same time as Capaldi

airing this Christmas – will be about "redemption

Russell Tovey has ruled out becoming the new Doctor


A to Z

Episode –The sound of the drums
Planet of Origin – Utopia

The Toclafane were cyborgs used as the Master's brawn and muscle when taking over Earth. They were the heads of humans from the year 100 trillion integrated into a dark-grey sphere-shaped metallic shell, held together with a magnetic clamp. The humans heads have wiring plugged into their wizened heads. The spheres were very little over a foot tall and were sealed shut. They became a hive mind, allowing them to see the destruction of an individual as no threat. Their personality was amoral and childlike from a failed attempt to regress themselves to children; instead having rather primitive emotional traits and an enjoyment in killing their great ancestors because "it's fun".