Who New and Review #59 - Tennant and the Feels

Monster – The Bannermen
Episode -  Delta and the Bannermen
Planet of Origin – Never
Technology -  guns with various settings
After polluting the rivers and atmosphere of their own world, the Bannermen attacked Chumeria in an attempt to take it from theChimerons who were unaccustomed to war. They killed everyone except for Delta, the last Chimeron Queen, who escaped with an egg. They followed her to toll port G715, where she evaded them by boarding a Nostalgia Toursbus headed for Disneyland, Earth, 1959. Gavrok put a price of one million units for information about the Queen.

The Bannermen were so-called because many of their shock troops wore red and black triangular banners, the insignia of their empire, along with their black, uniform jumpsuits, helmets or hats, and red-slit glasses. Gavrok believed that showing mercy was a sign of weakness, (PROSE: Delta and the Bannermen) and when cheering in victory, Bannermen would stick their tongues out and hiss. (TV: Delta and the Bannermen)