Galactic Netbyte - Who Knew 12

Adam Orford has posted a snippet of dialogue and a spoiler free picture.

A couple of recent posts, maybe some pictures you haven’t seen

American Creative industry is investing in Wales.

The Radio Times has quite a bit of content.

And a picture of the high tech filming techniques that Rob Smith would be jealous of.

The excellent Justin Molotnikov has picked up the directors chair for a couple of episodes

And now Moffat says River may flow once more

Symphonic Spectacular show at Wembley Arena

Of course we still get the odd spoilerific pictures

And by Jove, Peter’s hair could have it’s own twitter account, it’s very erm prolific.

And I think it’s quite clear the monster in this episode.

But why is there more than one? Didn’t that thing happen?

And in between takes at this location this happened. Seems Peter is the gent, is the nicest, truly the Doctor.

Action Doctor !

TARDIS at Canal Park.

And while filming we had two of them, TWO!