Imperial Steam News File the UK 2015 season.

Lets look ahead to some of the shows that are coming up in the new season. This is the UK list of things to come. I know some of you may use proxies and VPN and some forms of dark magic to watch content not intended for your country. Some sites would condone such actions, but I will not be drawn into such things.

If you can point me in the direction of other show renewals and the like, then I would be very happy to report.

If you're looking for something new in  2015 there is a promising handful of geek TV gems. The UK commission announcements for anything spooky, supernatural or sci-fi have been scoured  and a few potential new-favourites have been discovered. Some are definitely happening and some are still hanging in the balance, but this is what is known so far about 2015’s new raft of sci-fantasy skewed UK TV.

Jekryll & Hyde

ITV to want to have a go at the property. A ten-part drama series written by Charlie Higson  is due to begin filming this January, and expected to air in autumn 2015.


Channel 4’s Humans. The eight-part sci-fi series, due to air on Channel 4 in the UK and AMC in the US in 2015, is based on award-winning Swedish drama Real Humans and set in a parallel present in which life-like robots, or ‘Synths’, are the latest must-have household accessory.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

the BBC’s adaptation of Susanna Clarke’s weighty fantasy historical, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Clarke’s alternate history novel won a Hugo Award upon publication in 2004 and tells the story of an early nineteenth-century England in which magic exists but has been largely forgotten.

Midwinter of the Spirit

Midwinter Of The Spirit is the second in Phil Rickman’s series of Merrily Watkins novels, which revolve around the paranormal mystery adventures of a widowed Anglican priest in a small English town.


The pilot for ALT was announced as filming at the beginning of this year, but news has since dried up on the status of the sci-fi sitcom. It revolved around two friends, Danny and Milo (played by Gethin Anthony and Craig Roberts), who find themselves transported to a parallel world where danger, assassins and a generally head-scratching experience awaits them.

Rivers of London

The first in a series of Aaronovitch's novels, Rivers Of London tells the story of Metropolitan PC Peter Grant, and a murder enquiry that puts him in the path of the last wizard in England, Inspector Nightingale. 


From one of Britain's most successful screenwriting partnerships, SS-GB is a thriller set in 1940's London, with the premise that the Germans won the Battle Of Britain and London is under Nazi occupation. Archer is a Scotland Yard detective working under the SS facing the dilemma of whether to effectively collaborate or join the resistance. An explosive thriller that will ask: what would you do, faced with stakes as high as this?

The Frankenstein Chronicles 

This is another detective drama-meets-supernatural-thriller, this time about Detective John Marlott, a man who fights crime whilst facing the “diabolical foe” from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Another one heading to ITV Encore as a six part series.


A paranormal story for a slightly younger audience. Tatau is the first drama series to be commissioned for BBC Three since the terrific In The Flesh. It’s an eight-part series that began filming in the Cook Islands and New Zealand in September 2014.

Tatau follows a pair of twenty-something friends from London, Kyle and Pete who go backpacking in the Southern Hemisphere.


The Living and the Dead

From the writers of Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes comes an original BBC One and BBC America co-production, The Living And The Dead. This one’s a period horror set in 1888, centring on gentleman farmer Nathan Appleby, and his obsession with proving the existence of the afterlife.


ITV2 continues its push into scripted comedy with Cockroaches, a six-part sitcom set against a post-apocalyptic backdrop. Cockroaches follows Tom and Suze as twenty-nine year olds emerging from their shelter for the first time in a decade and wandering England’s post-apocalyptic land.


Legion is a supernatural drama about a father who makes a deal with the Devil. To save his ten-year-old daughter’s life, criminologist Nathan Jones ends up fighting the Devil’s work and unravelling ancient revelations. Legion has yet to go into production, but we’ll keep you posted on any developments as they're announced.