Episode 5

Episode 5 features a great film from the last 5 years. And I must confess it passed me by at the time. I was reminded about it by listening to the author Mark Stay as his discussed his upcoming film as it shares the same director. 

More information can be found at IMDb  and also at Rotten Tomatoes not that I endorse their reviews or sites in any way.

Of course if wikipedia is more your thing, then they have a page too.

In my opinion a great film for Richard Coyle alone.

Next up we have a look back at the first episode  of Doctor Who, no not the earthly child but the first episode from the return of the series in 2005.

I remember at the time how much I enjoyed the show, but will a re-watch  fill me with nostalgia?

How has the special effects aged? And can I be impartial knowing how the story Rose plays out?