Who Knew - Minisode 20, 22nd July 2015

This is the mini news clip that I provide for my friends at
Galactic Netcasts.

I use various sources for all the news clips, big thanks to Den of Geek, Digital Spy,  all of the Dr who sites, Wales online and many many more.

We start with just a bit of mopping up from Comic-Con with this Maisie Williams.


Peter Capaldi's Sonic Remote Control


Official Doctor Who Festival at the ExCeL in London on November 13 to 15.

And lots of sites have a breakdown of the trailer, but none are better than the Doctorwho TV site.

Peter mentions there's a classic monster that will make you think carefully about regeneration.

Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor is returning.

Because of the successful success of series 9 we have confirmation of series 10!

Info from the berlin fan event

Capaldi said that his Roman alter ego might make an appearance again! #DoctorWho #MeetTheCast #Berlin

@GirlyLetters but he didn't go as far to say they'd both be together or anything.

@GirlyLetters he said that the Roman would be addressed or alluded to. Mentioned.

Capaldi talks 12 & Daleks. Moffat talks Eccleston

With all this fan event stuff you could think they had said enough. But with Jenna and Peter it’s never enough

Many thanks to CD93 from the Digital Spy forum for sourcing the filming pictures.