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It's just never going to happen. Sorry about that.

Now at the start of last week’s episode I mentioned David Harwood

nothing has yet been decided

Anthony Head has put himself in the running.

Doctor Who in US cinemas

BBC Store is now advertising Doctor Who series 10

These cute little titfers are lovingly made by Danioras instant cosplay. You want to see one? Well check out the show notes. Simply cute, in tardis blue.


A to Z

Episode – Fathers day
Planet of Origin – Time Vortex
Technology - Genetic Manipulation Device

Reapers were beings linked to time itself. They searched for temporal paradoxes. If the balance of time was disrupted, they would be drawn out in force to remove the offending element. The Reapers were flying dragon-like beings with red eyes, two wings, two claws below their wings that could break through stone, mouths on their chests, tails that resembled a scythe and dark brown, tough scaly skin. They lived in the Time Vortex, (TV: Father's Day) as well as the Morass. (COMIC: The Crimson Hand)

The Reapers would search out disturbances in time, such as temporal paradoxes, leave the Time Vortex and "sterilise" the area by devouring everything. Older objects were stronger against them and sentient beings were of more interest than inanimate objects. They devoured creatures through their mouths, leaving no trace. They also released a golden glow from their eyes and under their skin when attacking, or about to attack.