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Woman are 50% of the population.

Doctor Who Experience petition
My take on this – send it round the globe as a travelling show, much like the Star Trek experience.

Did you know there is less than 50 day until the start of Doctor Who?


“I don’t know, I know as little as anyone else!” Tennant told David Walliams on Radio 2’s Chris Evans Breakfast Show earlier today.

"I think it was an inevitability that the world would turn to Chris," said Tennant. "It's a big, massive, difficult job and it needs someone who is as enthusiastic and talented as Chris."

Currently there are only 4 episode titles confirmed. These are – 01 A star in Her Eye, 04 The Haunted Hub, 06 Extremis, 10 Eaters of Light.

Episode 1 - ‘A Star in Her Eye’ is the introductory episode for new companion Bill Potts played by Pearl Mackie. A complete scene from this first episode was used in April 2016 to introduce new companion Bill to the world. Writer – Steven Moffat

Bill’s is thrown in the deep end for her first adventure with the Doctor when they encounter the Doctors oldest foe – The Daleks.

Episode 2 - Their name is not yet known but as the first official trailer showed the potential monster are a humaoid robots with emoji faces. A little reminiscent of the ‘Handbots’ from the 2011 Eleventh Doctor episode – ‘The Girl Who Waited’. Writer: Frank Cottrell-Boyce and staring Ralf Little

Episode 3 - The official synopsis is yet to be confirmed. But we do know that this episode is a period piece. The Doctor and Bill arrive in Regency-era London, circa 1814, where something nasty awaits. Writer: Sarah Dollard

Episode 4 the Haunted Hub - Peter Capaldi has stated that this episode is scary enough to make you afraid of those creaking floorboards.

Poirot star David Suchet was announced as a guest star back in August 2016. His character is simply known as ‘The Landlord’. Writer – Mike Bartlett, filmed at the same location where the episode Blink was filmed. But don’t expect those weeping blighters.

A to Z

MonsterProfessor Lazarus
Episode – The Lazarus Experiment
Planet of Origin – Earth
Technology - Genetic Manipulation Device

Lazarus built a Genetic Manipulation Device with financial backing from Harold Saxon. It took him many years to complete, and he was seventy-six years old when he finished it. When interviewed on television, he spoke of how his experiment would "change what it means to be human."

The head of PR, Tish Jones, organised an unveiling of the experiment. He stepped into the machine when it was activated. Despite engineering faults, the machine worked, taking thirty years off his age. He stepped out a younger man. Unbeknownst to Richard, the process had activated dormant genes in his DNA. Possibly as the result of interference from Harold Saxon.They refused to settle down and he transformed into an alternate evolution of humanity which fed on human life energy. In this form he killed his associate, Sylvia Thaw, draining her of life. The failed experiment mutated him into a hideous  creature with a taste for human energy. Lazarus was able to temporarily change back into human form after his hunger has been satiated.