It Could be BAD News - WNAR #97

Doctor Who's Pearl Mackie

Personally I won’t miss his writing as I feel he’s fatigued

CGI to bring back deceased

According to Moffat it seems that Capaldi almost stayed on for the 1st Chibnall series.

Sue Perkins


Delays likely

A to Z

Monster – Plasmavore
Episode – Smith And Jones
Planet of Origin – Earth
Technology -

The Plasmavores were a race of blood-sucking humanoids. They were commonly criminals, murdering people across the galaxy and drinking their blood. Known as a dangerous species, travelling the universe and looking for new species to feed on. One Plasmavore, known as Florence Finnegan, fed on the Child Princess of Padrivole Regency 9 on a whim and was then hunted down by the Judoon. She escaped to Earth and hid in the Royal Hope Hospital, feeding on the hospital's blood storage. By draining the blood of an individual, the Plasmavores could mimic the internal structure and genetic material of their victim. More extensive mimicry would require more feeding. Plasmavores required blood to survive, as their bodies absorbed a lot of salt.