Funko Trigger Warning - WNAR #94

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MonsterMr Finch
Episode – School Reunion
Planet of OriginKrillitane
Technology Krilitane Oil  - Krillitane oil was a substance used by the Krillitanes. Though it was not harmful to other races, and indeed proved to stimulate human intelligence, it was lethal to Krillitanes as they had changed so much from their natural state and would burst into flame if they came into direct contact with it.

Brother Lassar was a Krillitane who, under the name Mr Lucas Finch, took over Deffry Vale High School in order to crack the Skasis Paradigm, which would make both him and his brothers "gods". He and his "brothers" ate at least one school child and several of human staff of Deffry Vale. Lassar tempted the Tenth Doctor with the Paradigm, insisting on "the changes that could be made if this power was used for good"; that he could bring back Perganon, Ascinta or the Time Lords. Sarah Jane Smith stopped the Doctor and reminded him to "move forward". The Doctor declined Lassar's offer and ran. Eventually, Lassar's plan was foiled and he was believed to have perished along with the other Krillitanes when K9 Mark III blew up a vat of Krillitane oil, destroying both the Krillitanes and the school.