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Doctor Who is bringing back a writer who worked on the classic series

Why does Doctor Who almost always feature a female companion? http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/doctor-who/news/a814379/doctor-whos-companion-should-always-be-female-says-steven-moffat/

There have been at least six times that we know of when the axe swung perilously close to his ever-changing head

No more Moffat writing


The Science of Doctor Who

A robot is a constructed replication of something that uses Robotics for the purpose of mimicking something else or achieving a task. Robots can be guided by an external control device or the control may be embedded within. Robots may be constructed to take on human form but most robots are machines designed to perform a task with no regard to how they look. Robots can be autonomous or semi-autonomous and range from humanoids such as Honda's Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility (ASIMO) and TOSY's TOSY Ping Pong Playing Robot (TOPIO) to industrial robots, medical operating robots, patent assist robots, dog therapy robots, collectively programmed swarm robots, UAV drones such as General Atomics MQ-1 Predator, and even microscopic nano robots. By mimicking a lifelike appearance or automating movements, a robot may convey a sense of intelligence or thought of its own.  The branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots,[2] as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing is robotics. These technologies deal with automated machines that can take the place of humans in dangerous environments or manufacturing processes, or resemble humans in appearance, behavior, and/or cognition. Many of today's robots are inspired by nature contributing to the field of bio-inspired robotics. These robots have also created a newer branch of robotics: soft robotics.

From the time of ancient civilization there have been many accounts of user-configurable automated devices and even automata resembling animals and humans, designed primarily as entertainment. As mechanical techniques developed through the Industrial age, there appeared more practical applications such as automated machines, remote-control and wireless remote-control.

The long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who has featured many robots. A robot — also called an automaton by at least the Tenth Doctor (PROSE: The Last Dodo) — was a mechanical device with the ability to do work without the help of a living organism. One type of robot was an android (a humanoid robot, such as Kamelion, who could also shape-shift). (TV: The King's Demons) Robots also came in other forms, such as dog-like (e.g. K9). (TV: The Invisible Enemy) For every robot, there was a creator, or creators, whether it was humans creating robots, or robots creating other robots. For instance Frederick Marius for example invented K9 Mark I

It was Doctor Who – but not as we know it

Hopefully we will get a full trailer soon

Mirror article were rumoured details on some of the new monsters http://www.doctorwhotv.co.uk/series-10-early-monster-rumours-81654.htm

Steven Moffat has said he isn’t sure

A to Z

Monster – Max Capricorn
Episode – Voyage of the Damned
Planet of Origin – Sto
Technology Cruise liner / indestructible omnistate impact chamber / cyborg body

Max Capricorn was a businessman from Sto who owned Max Capricorn Cruiseliners, which operated the space cruise liner Titanic. In the latter years of his life he had become a cyborg with only his head remaining organic; since his people were prejudiced against cyborgs Capricorn had to hide his true nature and communicate with others through a hologram. He intended for the Titanic to crash into Earth, detonating its nuclear storm drive and destroying all life on the planet. His company would then be wiped out, its board members jailed for mass murder, while Capricorn lived out his retirement on Penhaxico Two.


A Touch of Class

The Synopsis
April must confront Corakinus as the others try save the Earth from extinction. Battling through the Shadow Kin realm, April knows that there is no going back: she has to defeat Corakinus. On Earth, the invasion of the petals is rapidly snowballing. Confronted with the threat of the planet’s extinction, new headmistress Dorothea attempts to force Charlie into making a transformational decision. But Miss Quill has other ideas for him.

As Charlie, Matteusz and Tanya try to stop the petals from annihilating the human race, April must fight the terrifying force of Corakinus, light years away from home.

The Good Bits
the scenes of flower death are great, great concept

The Bad Bits
again with the pushing the story at the expense of some characters

The Most Whoniversal bit
if you think about one of those sentences not one of them makes sense

My Musings

The continuing multiplication of the flowers is creepy.

The planet of the shadow kin is the underneath. Seems the upside down is a popular sci-fi mcguffin

The realm though looks stunning - doctor who (ish) can do excellent alien worlds when it tries

I'm pleased that the drama mentions the seik religion - too many programs try too hard.  

Finally an adult has noticed that 4 kids shouldn't be the ones to stop the vampires coming out of the hell mouth.

April and Ram kissing in a cave

Evil headmistress is evil but ultimately lame

Quills facial expressions are awesome

So while the shadow dude is on his knees the dad of the half heart gives a speech and all I can think is I hope he gets killed

So now we have the prince with a weapon

A dude with a robot leg

And a girl half shadow