Capaldi Confirmed Class - WNAR #78

Remember one of the best Characters is a long time?  Yes I mean Osgood.

Has Peter Capaldi given the game away to a start date?

congratWHOlations to newly weds.

He fought the Boneless and faced the raven - but will Rigsy (Joivan Wade) be back on Doctor Who any time soon?

BBC Three’s new Doctor Who spin-off, Class.

It’s probably time to have a recap on what we know so far

New Who Pictures.

Where was it filmed.

The Power of the Daleks, featuring the first ever Doctor Who regeneration.

BIG Davros Pop vinyl from Funko

FanExpo Canada

Good news for those US Doctor Who fans who have Amazon Prime Video subscriptions. From now fans can re-live series 9 starring Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor in his second series.

 2017 Doctor Who Annual, a must for any collector.


A to Z

MonsterGas Mask Zombies
Episode – The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances
Planet of Origin – Earth
Technology -  Omnicom

The gas mask zombies were in fact a sort of plague caused by  Chula nanogenes, they has  had never previously encountered humans, but infected a dying human boy named Jamie caught in the London Blitz. Assuming that the gas mask he was wearing was part of his face, they "healed" him, and unintentionally created the "Empty Child," a "zombie" based on Jamie's characteristics and injuries at death. Thus, everyone affected by the nanogenes inherited a gas mask in place of their faces, severe head trauma on the left side, partial collapse of the chest cavity of the right, and a gash on the back of their right hands. The nanogenes also gave the child the standard abilities of Chula soldiers, specifically super-human strength, telepathic abilities and the ability to communicate using anything with a speaker grill. The Empty Child still had a child-like mentality and escaped to search for its mother. The child, and all victims of it, were infamous for repeating the phrase, "Are you my Mummy?