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Monster – Davros
Episode – Series 4 episode 1,2,7,13
Planet of Origin – Skaro
Technology -  Mobility chair with life support

The creator of the Daleks. Davros was a scientist on the Planet Skaro who was left horribly scarred and crippled, forced to live in mobile life-support chair. Davros created the Daleks to be the ultimate form of life, superior to all others.

He appeared in Series 4, Episodes 12 7 13 as well as many appearances in the Classic Series. Davros was originally the head of the Kaled Scientific Elite on the planet Skaro, but he became better known as the creator of the Daleks. The results of his attempts to bring the war on Skaro to an end were not as he envisioned, because the Daleks wiped out both the Thal and Kaled races, save for himself. Davros survived the centuries, using whatever medical assistance was available to sustain his life.

 For a time, he sought to create a race of Daleks loyal to him, which led to the Imperial-Renegade Civil War, where he served as Emperor of the Imperial Daleks, and later of the Dalek race as a whole. But his relationship with them was always a tense one. He was frequently hunted, maligned, or otherwise denigrated by one portion or other of the Daleks. born in the latter part of the Thousand Year War between the Kaleds and the Thals on the planet Skaro, the result of an adulterous relationship between Lady Calcula and Councillor Quested. He had an elder half-sister, Yarvell. It was considered a time when mercy and nobility were all but non-existent on Skaro and life was harsh and grim. The use of nuclear weapons and other agents of mutation produced Mutos, who resided in the Wastelands and were often used for slave labour by both the Kaleds and the Thals.