Filming Pictures and a BARDIS - WNAR #69

Here's your first shot of new companion Pearl Mackie on set. Massive thanks must go to Huw Evans images.

University building is a winter wonderland.

And we get night shots so soon

Nardole is back.

Of course it has only been a few days of filming so in other news –

Big Finish - Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor in three brand new adventures.

Did you see the rose petals scattered on this Cardiff road?

Hot Topic have won the Licensed Program: Retailer Award.

Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.

Doctor Brew and that is his BARDIS

If you have seen a fun use for a tardis, or perhaps you know someone that takes his K9 for a walk then please let me know

A to Z

Monster – Clockwork Repair Droids
Episode – Deap Breath
Planet of Origin – 51st Century Earth
Technology -  Modified Time Window

They followed camouflage procedures to blend into the surroundings. This could be as simple as dressing in appropriate costumes to match the time periods they found themselves in — despite looking somewhat unrealistic. (TVThe Girl in the Fireplace) A more drastic procedure of camouflage was the harvesting of human skin and organs to outwardly appear human. (TV:Deep Breath) They could be equipped with short range teleporters, scanners, tranquillisers and tools within their wrists for part removal. In the case of the Clockwork Droids aboard the SS Marie Antoinette, they were able replace their tools with local spare parts, such as sword blades. They could also heat themselves if they were frozen and empty unwanted fluids from their system. 

The SS Marie Antoinette crashed on Earth before the birth of the human race. Its robot crew managed to remain functional by constantly replacing the faulty parts with both organic and mechanic spares collected from their surroundings. These "spare parts" included dinosaur organs and Roman metalwork. However, as of the late 19th century, they changed their components so many times that almost nothing remained of the original androids. By that time, their ship had been reworked into a fake restaurantwhere unaware human victims were abducted and their organs harvested; the bodies were then burned to hide the missing parts. When the droids murdered a tyrannosaurus rex accidentally brought forward in time by the TARDIS for its optic nerve, the freshly-regenerated Twelfth Doctor found their base of operations and confronted their control node aboard the escape capsule of the ship — an enormous hot-air balloon made of human skin. The robots deactivated when the Half-Face Man fell to his death on the top of Big Ben. (TVDeep Breath)