Who New and Review #54 - It's All About Capaldi

Monster – Atraxi
Episode - The Eleventh Hour / The Pandorica Opens
Planet of Origin – Never mentioned
Technology - extradimensional prison / remote activation of electronic media / force fileds and weapons of planet sized destruction capabilities.

The Atraxi were a sophisticated alien police race, which formed a galactic police force. They were very efficent with their work, tracking down any prisoners who escaped their facilities and executing them. The appearance of the Atraxi themselves is impossible to know, since they were never actually seen outside of their giant eyeball, which was capable of seeing and speaking. The Atraxi ships had a rather large crystalline structure, much like a snowflake. They were able to travel both in space and in atmosphere. The Atraxi could remotely activate and control electronic media on Earth, allowing them to send a message in every human language, through every available device. They tracked the media, pinpointing a world-wide computer virus to its origin and learn the planet's history. Though capable of scanning the planet on a worldwide scale, they did not find multi-forms when shapeshifted. The Atraxi fleet was capable of incinerating the Earth (requiring twenty minutes to charge) and a force field to seal the Earth for its destruction. The Atraxi ship which came directly to Earth projected holograms.