Who Knew - Minisode 21, 29th July

This is the mini news clip that I provide for my friends at
Galactic Netcasts.

I use various sources for all the news clips, big thanks to Den of Geek, Digital Spy,  all of the Dr who sites, Wales online and many many more.

Former Doctor Who star Sylvester McCoy has brushed off suggestions that The Doctor could be played by a woman.

8 TV couples who should never have got together, from Moonlighting to Doctor Who

Seems the Dr Who interns get to play, and are generally encouraged to decorate the slate, as this episode 11 slate shows.

I don’t think I will ever get bored of watching Peter discuss Doctor Who with passion as the attached link shows. He comes across as quite charming and sooooo knowledgeable

Have you every wondered how the Tardis materialises? 

I don’t know about over there, but over here we are inexplicably getting a 3D release which I assume nobody asked for.

And Finally I leave you with this from the ‘it’s Erik Nagel’ show, enjoy the interview.