Who Knew - Minisode 18, 8th July 2015

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I use various sources for all the news clips, big thanks to Den of Geek, Digital Spy,  all of the Dr who sites, Wales online and many many more.

It looks like they’ll be shooting within the castle ramparts. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CIvvtQGWcAAQb2N.jpg

A stunt double for Capaldi
At Cardiff Castle tunnels yesterday, crew hid face of actor in a dressing gown and grey trousers.

Series 9 news
Less of a curmudgeon?  Well I had already warmed to him….

The BBC have confirmed that Rachel Talalay will be directing the final two episodes. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/s7/doctor-who/news/a655884/doctor-who-is-bringing-back-rachel-talalay-to-direct-series-9s-finale.html#~phaV0MKkFnPiAz

Doctor Who's all-new 12th Doctor sonic screwdriver.

Peter Capaldi hopes Jenna Coleman will stay for Season 10

Cataclysmic error in the launch episodes
And Comic-con – I envy you so much for snippits and treats like this

The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/07/05/review_the_scientific_secrets_of_doctor_who/?page=1

What we may or may not know, according to CD93

Prequel / Minisode

Peter Capaldi, Daniel Hoffman-Gill (Bors) and a bunch of extras took part in filming at Caerphilly Castle. Peter was very happy about the whole thing. Report on filming here - with a link to a full gallery of pictures. There was talk of a ghost (someone said Clara's ghost, but I don't believe that, myself).

They were looking for something down a well. Rachel Talalay also visited set that day.

Episodes 1 & 2: The Magician's Apprentice | The Witch's Familiar
Written by Steven Moffat || Directed by Hettie Macdonald

Guest Stars: Michelle Gomez (Missy), Jemma Redgrave (Kate), Kelly Hunter, Jaye Griffiths, Darshan Anderson (Ryan), Joey Price and Clare Higgins et al

It started with this picture, presumably from UNIT HQ. Something is happening across the globe, and Kate and Clara are on the case with the task force. The TARDIS made an appearance at Caerphilly (Tower of London stand in), though we didn't see Peter there.

Sorry, Coal Hill haters - we're back. At least briefly, as Clara was seen looking out of the window of the school, before seemingly taking off on her bike. Now, going off what set reporters have mentioned, this part includes Clara's stunt double and some school kids looking up to see "a plane frozen in the sky." Is this accurate, I don't know. Are these planes the red dots on the map? I don't know.

Things then escalated quickly as Clara & Missy spent a few days together in Tenerife. Having a good old time. From what we have seen, Missy is already waiting for Clara - who turns up with UNIT. There are men in black present, also, who take aim at Missy when she zaps someone. This lovely little filming video picks up some key dialogue which indicates that Missy is looking for Clara's help as The Doctor is in danger. They look for something on a laptop, before stage direction suggests that they teleport out together. They seem to arrive in a barren area - perhaps no longer on Earth.

Back in Wales and Peter was filming in this delightful place. We have one set report, with a blurry picture. Though I find the description interesting given The Mirror's take on the opening story. This location is also the backdrop for the first promo pictures for the series - where The Doctor will make a huge mistake. The Doctor and Clara are eventually reunited.

Is it Skaro? Will there be a pre-accident Davros? Will The Doctor prevent the genesis of the Daleks before The Genesis of the Daleks? What would any of this have to do with planes frozen in the sky? Is it a Missy lure / distraction / trap? Is it all bollocks? Time will tell.

Episodes 3 & 4: UNTITLED | UNTITLED
Written by Toby Whithouse || Directed by Daniel O'Hara
( No, it's not Being Human )

Guest Stars: Paul Kaye, Arsher Ali, Morven Christie, Neil Fingleton, Colin McFarlane, and Steven Robertson

Well, urhm... urhm... they were filming near MOD Caerwent. Urhm...

Well apart from some unconfirmed reports that there were some Russian flags on a set somewhere... that's about it.

Episodes 5 & 6: The Girl Who Died | The Woman Who Lived
Written by Jamie Mathieson and Steven Moffat / Catherine Tregenna || Directed by Ed Bazalgette

Guest Stars: Maisie Williams, David Schofield (Odin), Rufus Hound (Sam Swift), Tom Stourton, Ariyon Bakare, Simon Lipkin, Ian Conningham, Murray McArthur, Barnaby Kay, John Voce and Struan Rodger.

We don't know how these episodes will play out given Moffat's words on the format of two-parters, this year - and given that both halves are written by different writers. At some point, Brian Blessed was set to play Odin, however he had to pull out due to illness.

Filming took place at Tredegar House ( with candles and treasure and scrolls).

A few weeks were spent at the Cosmeston Medieval Village (additionally dressed by the crew), where we were introduced to some new monsters. They're pretty tall and there's a few of them. There were viking extras on set - while Jenna turned up now and again in a spacesuit. The Doctor practiced his swordplay once again. He bore The Plaid of The Doctor.

Peter and Maisie spent a long night in the woods, chasing down carriages and scanning for things unknown. A look at The Doctor's new device.

Episodes 7 & 8: UNTITLED | UNTITLED
Written by Peter Harness || Directed by Daniel Nettheim

Guest Stars: Ingrid Oliver (Osgood / Zygood) Jemma Redgrave (Kate), Rebecca Front, Jaye Griffiths, Cleopatra Dickens, Sasha Dickens, Abhishek Singh, Todd Kramer, Jill Winternitz, Nicholas Asbury, Jack Parker and Aidan Cook.

Strange graffiti covers the walls as The Doctor teams up with Osgood to do battle with the Zygons. There's enough speculating as to when this episode takes place, so I won't bother with any of that - only to point out that at one point, there were two Osgoods present.

The Doctor seems to be shipped around London by UNIT and encounters disguised Zygons - who tranform back in to their natural state. This also seems to happen in a playground, where The Doctor clears out the children amid several blasts of orange smokey stuff.

Clara meanwhile seems to working alone / in the field for UNIT for a good portion of these episodes. Filming took place at her flat with Kate & Faye Griffiths' character. The Doctor, Clara & the Osgoods do meet up with the TARDIS.

On Barry Island, Clara was spotted firing off this mighty weapon , while The Doctor as Osgood landed with parachutes amid a field of plane wreckage. Coincidence? I think not.

Rebecca Front was briefly spotted on location, though she had been filming prior to her announcement. The Beeb also released this Instagram teaser for something Osgood is working on.

Episode 9: UNTITLED
Writer & Director Unknown

Guest Stars: Unknown.

This episode will be filmed last. Most likely the 'scary' Gatiss script that was being worked on. Would air on Halloween if scheduling permits. All to be confirmed.

Episode 10: UNTITLED
Written by Sarah Dollard || Directed by Justin Molotnikov

Guest Stars: Joivan Wade (Rigsy and Robin Soans ('Chonolock Guy'))

Lots of studio filming for this one, though The Doctor made an appearance with Clara & Rigsy in his new red velvet jacket. The trio were said to be using a 'TARDIS map' and were counting their steps and observing their surroundings for changes. "Glitches in reality" was a term used for this one.

Fake London signs were put up in Cardiff. Peter Capaldi looked fabulous, as usual.

Episodes 11 & 12: UNTITLED | UNTITLED
Written by Steven Moffat || Directed by Rachel Talalay

Guest Stars: Unknown

Filming has begun for the finale, and Talalay describes the experience as "some of the most flummoxing challenges I’ve ever been given as a director" Capaldi was spotted at Cardiff castle - said to be filming within the tunnels and at the mock Gothic mansion.

There has also been filming at Caerphilly Castle - including down by the moat. 12 is still in his new coat, too.

Frazer Hines visited set - and the resulting pictures seem to reveal the addition of new, lit roundels to the lower level of the TARDIS set.

There is expected to be a break in filming as cast & crew travel abroad for fan events / conventions. Specifically Comic Con & Berlin - a trailer may well be released at the former, with all materials screened worldwide according to the Beeb. This Thursday.

Christmas Special 2015
Supposedly directed by Douglas Mackinnon. But that's all we may or may not know....

Phew. Now I need to go back to bed I've probably missed loads and got some things wrong, but at least I now have a template to update in future.




Many thanks to CD93 from the Digital Spy forum for sourcing the filming pictures.